Simple Things

by puriphai


The Mornings are starting to get colder here, and while there is much anticipation for a number of festivities this season brings; I am finding a great deal of satisfaction in coming up with new ways to drink my Habitual Morning Beverage.
Now, with a refined Seattle Coffee pallet and having paid my dues behind the espresso machine ( note the absence of the X. That goes for spelling as well as pronunciation)
I can order a tall-tripple-shot-americano-iced-with a splash of skinnyn’room with the best of them…
I speak Barista, with a twang of Starbuck-ese depending upon which territory I’m ordering my drink in.
(minor fyi- Tall is the SMALL drink folks, and simply translates to a 12 ounce, grande is not an industry standard, and “Venti means Twenty”
But there is something about that Simple Cup. Even just the smell and sound of automatic drip. I feel the less complicated you get with Coffee the better it tastes. This morning with a bit of inspiration from my festive Knick-Knacks, I sprinkled a bit of Pumpkin Spice and Nutmeg over the grounds before Brewing. Simple. Delicious.
A good example is a seemingly archaic french press. I don’t think anything produces a better cup. One cup I’ll never forget was one on the Kava Farm in Hawaii “Cowboy Coffee”, boiling water with grounds, then attempting to strain out as many grounds as you can before drinking.
But when you are sipping coffee on a cliff, in a pasture over-looking Ocean while the Sun Rises, gritty coffee is of no concern. You’d likely chew the grounds, attempting to devour every sensation of the moment.
That’s Life. Chew the Grinds, and Watch Every Sunrise.
It’s that Simple.